by hellhound

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released October 7, 2015



all rights reserved


hellhound Vladimir, Russia


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Track Name: I am hellhound
Eyes roll back
As I'm falling asleep
I hear the whispers
Of demons inside of me
Track Name: Dear death (ft.Nikita Klyukvin, Daniil Krasovskiy from The Occult)
Dear Death
I can feel you beneath my skin
Spreading like a virus, filling my guts like vermin
Hopeless and full of pain
I desperately watching my decay
Watch me fading

Slip back, slip back
To the role of victim
I've never wanna love myself
I've never wanna resist

When it's said and done, I'm over it
I'm done coping with who I've become

Bleed my dry and make me possessed
With thirst for the bitter end
For the waiting
When it will break me and leave me faint

I'm so pathetic
I'm so egocentric
Desolated myself, ruined everything I've loved
So it's safe to say that I'm better off gone
I'm deviant bastard and violent fuck
Breeding delusion and growing the doubts
What's the unnerving feeling of being so lame
Restrained in the low-life view
So I'm better off dead
Now look at me, I had allowed this to rest
I'm spiteful wreck, chronic liar, so miserable at best
Is this life is a fucking test?
There'll be early grave welcoming me
Nothing lasts
Track Name: We were born from waste (ft.Elijah Hoffman from Engrossed)
We were born from waste

Desperately waiting for the fucking bitter end
I do really loose all connection with the mankind
Spiteful and ill-tempered, full of shit and bad luck
Your inner demons will fuck you like you`ve never been fucked

Look at me, you miserable fuck
I`m gonna rip your flesh apart
Catatonic, with rage became so visceral

I fucking hate you all
Track Name: Everything I Hate
I feel like my eyes betray me
And grief is tragic grip around my neck
I`ve harbored dark thoughts and the pushed me down low
Lower than I`ve ever been

It seems like my own demons cut me out of my skin
Just to have a shell to fill in

My place, my broken home
Where I`ve been left alone
It`s a last thing I want to appreciate
But it still presses my bones
As my entrails slowly rot
With lack of self-control

I`m a epitome of everything I hate
Cynical wreck, spiteful fuck, miserable at best
Fucking miserable at best

Asphyxiated in the hectic dreams that I`ve created
Do you see these highways of hell instead of capillars of my eyes?
I`m a mutilated spawn
This world has dealt long enough
To stab my body with the mongrel words
Track Name: Welcome to the mortal land (ft. Artyom Khudyakov from Restrains)
Welcome to the mortal land, cunt!
This is the wasteland, none of your fucking gods are here
Inside my shell of skin is machine grinding the dead meat

Radioactive sun collapse upon itself
Burning your eyes out

You`re sick, sad waste of human being
Deliver this world from the plague of you
From the plague of you

Your corpse will be enough for rats to feast
And worms will fill your severed limbs
Then you`ll understand
How pathetic and shitty you are
Dig the grave
With your own fractured bones!
I'm here to enslave
And now you're fuckin' gone

the singularity of your insignificance
Will never let you know the essence of things
You are not even able to realize what you're fucking doing wrong
Not to speak of reclaiming something!