by hellhound

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released July 23, 2016




hellhound Vladimir, Russia


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Track Name: The Cage (Feat Denis Shalnykh)
I`m trapped in a dark place that`s always changing
Sick and twisted of feeling that I`m coming undone
I`m gnawing the bars of the cage I`m in
Been told too many stories of who`s right and who`s wrong

And now I can`t tell the truth from lie
(Seems like I was never able to)
And it`s leaving me paralyzed
Anxiety fills me, growing like a vermin in my guts

And you take all of your belligerence
This shit won`t be on your side this time
And when the tongue is dead-cold
Chills down your spine
You`ll never be fine

I know I`ve reached another dark period of my life
Darker than ever before
I know you`re shivering and giving away everything
That you`ve pretend to love

Everything I touch turns to dust
The surrounding that I had steps aside
There`s no escape
All of the wrong doors are opened
This pins me down but I try to be over it
I feed them worms that crawl inside my fucking hands
Can't tell the difference whether these are snakes or veins
Any life is a waste anytime anywhere
I can fucking shut your face
Got a rope on my neck
being pulled by the saints
and this bitch drags me down to abyss
Track Name: If You Were Dead, I'd Spit On Your Grave
There`s no telling what I might do. It doesn`t matter what we`ve been through,
I`m pleased to see you ruined. Now,
you`re just a fucking mess, and it`s probably your best.
You`ve got enough shit in your head and it`s time to confess.

I think that I`m just drowing out of senses.
It was my fault for not telling you "no"
and giving the second chances.
Now you`re the what I disdain,
you`re fucking bane,
how long will you clear the mess off your name?

So maybe you`d said there were the reasons behind doing it,
and I hope that you know - none of us gives a shit.

If you were dead, I`d spit on your grave

So what you could say now? Our would you tried to bring
us down again? When every day is the chance to pay,
all the debts you`ve owned to the friends that you hate.

You`re on the devil`s playground, trapped like a rat, you think you`ll get the profit?
Ruining the lives of the ones who loved you, keep it going.
Track Name: Scumbag
Everything was perfect before it has become the wilderness, a step in an early grave
A pack of wolves feed upon the flesh of weak men, who`d rather be enslaved
Why fuck this way is always pulling me under?
Why fuck this pain is always the reason I bother?
We had a bad blood between us and now it`s growing into war
You had disguised your selfishness, you had my trust in store
You can`t keep your head above the water forever
Won`t see any light at the end of the tunnel
And now I can see straight through you - you have no soul
A fucking scumbag, waste of human flesh, a crooked ghoul
There`ll be no savior to save your ass this time
You`ll choke on the lies you say, feel how it turns into cold, stinking slime
This devil we`ve created, a clear vision of ourselves
Just block out the noise and hear what he says
"No matter how deep the hole you`ll hide
Death will come to your door, your safety is a lie"
Track Name: Wear These Wounds As Your Own
As I reach out my hands to the sky
it seems like I`ve come to realize, my role`s well played.
For all of those who said it could never be done,
I`m here now;
Tired of fighting against the flood.

I`ve been destroying myself
Even when it was for nothing.
I climbed the mountain, took a breath,
and prayed for the rain.

I have slept in the eye of your storm,
a pause of affliction.
Will I ever feel as safe as I do when you world crumbles down?
You fed me on the trill of knowing that all hope is lost,
but I don`t want to start it all again.

If there was a sickness, I`d erase everything I know,
to free myself of looking for a cure;
embrace the plague.
I think I`d give anything to return to the nothing from which I came,
from birth to death,
embrace the plague.

Wear this wounds as your own.

If I can`t forgive, will I ever forget?
Or this guilt will outlive me?
All for nothing